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"Listen, these are the last cardinals who will take the chair of Petri at the end of the prophecy ..."

The last popes of the earth
The seventh Centurie of Nostradamus is not made up of 100 four-lineers, but only from 42. Until 2001 it was unclear why Nostradamus ended this Centurie with less than half of the predictions. In the decrypted version of Ray Nolan, after the deletion of the blind lines given by Nostradamus, there remain exactly nine six-line prophecy, about the secret to this 'half-Centurie'
If the verse form of these special six-line strings is released, an incomplete chronology of all the Popes (48) from the time of Nostradamus to our immediate present and future is obtained after an introductory verse.
Carneval Paraguay 

After to Pope Francis, there are only four popes ...
According to a list of the prophet Nostradamus from 1555 (first publication of the Nostradamus prophecies) exactly 48 cardinals ascended the 'Throne Petri' of Vatican - then the mysterious list ends ...


The 'White-Blue Cardinal'

"Black – white to blue, hides in the earth ...", wrote Nostradamus about Benedict XVI., the successor of John Paul II. When my book "Nostradamus: Klartext" appeared in 2002 with a list of the last 48 Popes (Josef Ratzinger was the sixth-last Pope in 2005 under the name of Benedict XVI), no one at that time knew that the colors "white-blue" might describe a cardinal, that would come from Bavaria (Germany). White-blue (not blue-white!) are the colors of the Bavarian rhombic flag. This name of color scheme is traditional Bavarian. (Blue-white sounds in this district almost an insult to most Bavarians).
At the beginning of year 2013 Pope Benedict XVI resigned from his duties. He has been superseded, as the fifth-last pope, by Francis I, who came from Argentina.

Revealed by Achilles ...
Quite mysterious are the descriptions of Nostradamus for the new and fift-last Pope Francis, where, among other things, means: "Revealed by Achilles ..."
Could it be the former Cardinal 'Achille Silvestrini', who had also resigned from his duties in the Curia? Or perhaps an early reference to the fact, that Joseph Ratzinger as Benedict XVI. would resign? - Or was Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (the present Pope Francis I.) proposed by Achille S. as a candidate?
Why, in the list of the Prophet, do the following only four more followers of the present Pope, Francis I.? What comes after ...?



1555 – The Three-Pontifical Year

When the first edition of the famous Nostradamus-Centuria appeared in 1555, a "Three-pontifical year" had to be recorded at the end of the year, as in 1978. On the 23rd of March, Julius III. died, who was very fond of secular vices. His successor - the incorruptible Pope Marcellus II. - died after only 22 days (there was probably a little help!). Afterwards the 'The Cruel Horror Pope', Paul IV., follow to his ecclesiastical office (Nostradamus wrote about this pope: "The third will not receive what he realy want ...")
The greatest pope, by the way, was a pregnant lady who gave birth to her child during a procession. She was then beaten to death by the crowd, and drowned in the Tiber. Pro Sieben-TV had broadcast a documentary about this in December 2006.
To find out more about 'Mrs. Pope', visit my magazine pages at "Das Wunder von Rom ...".
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