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Only three US presidents prophesied Nostradamus for our immediate future. - What will happen ...?

In the deciphered plaintext version, the sixth centurie of the Nostradamus prophecies ends with a 21-line-text, which lists the last 21 governing US presidents. These descriptions end in our present and in the next generation. According to George W. Bush, only four other presidents are to rule the United States. So Barak Obama was the fourth-last, Donald Trump would be the third-last president of the United States.
What will come after this? Why does the list end here? The end for mankind? Or just the end of the information source ...?

Carneval Paraguay 

A little bit of peace ...?
Donald Trump wants 'a bit of peace' with Russia. He wants to save many billions without a cold war and expensive saber rattles and thus to start a galloping US economy.



Final phase ...?

In an unprecedented mud battle, the US election campaign was held in 2016. In the polls, Hillary Clinton seemed to be clearly ahead of Donald Trump, the German-born candidate of the Republicans. The winner was Trump. Nostradamus wrote the sentence "Except a guilt will noting be forgiven." What he meant with it, the future will show...
God bless America!

16. W. (Bill) Clinton 1993 - 2001:  "He reaches very much through seductive way ..."
17. George W. Bush 2001 - 2009: "He who will split the wood will learn everything on the contrary ..."
18. Barack Obama 2009 - 2017:   "The lesser part doubts the older ..."
19. Donald Trump 2017 -?:           "Except for a debt nothing will be forgiven ..."
20. Next President   from - to ?:   "Immediately a large, flailing flame shoots out ..."
21. Future President from - to ?:   "The enemy has learned and will retreat in confusion."


Trump about Mrs. Merkel
Donald Trump took all the stops in his election campaign in 2016 to win votes. Here are three delicious trump minutes about Angela Merkel's refugee policy.
Secrets Of Presidents
Are there strictly guarded secrets that only the most powerful man in the United States knows? Is the 'secret book of the President' myth or reality?
The US Mind Control
This dokumentation goes deep inside the American government's intelligence operations to investigate its secret studies and experiments in mind control.



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